Welcome to Polarica!

Our food is reliable, honest and healthy. The same goes for our way of making business. 

Polarica Group is one of the Europe's major suppliers of berries, fruits, mushrooms and game meat. The company's story dates back to 1972 when Polarica AB started business operations in Haparanda, Swedish Lapland. Over the years, the company has grown into an international group but its roots are still firmly in the north: The headquarters remain in Haparanda, close to the source of many of our raw materials. Polarica has also well- established sourcing and production facilities in Poland since 1989. This guarantees close connections with customers in Europe. Polarica makes it possible for to eat tasty and healthy wild food everyday. Wild food is not only naturally healthy and ethically produced, it is also good for the environment and for the society. So let's live closer to nature.

Let's all go wild! 

Polarica provides tasty wild food for healthier life. Our vision is to be the wild food growth driver in Europe and to make it possible for people to eat wild food more often. Read more >