Sweet bilberries

make your mouth water (and blue!)


(Vaccinium myrtillus)

Bilberry is the most popular berry of Nordic forests, and it is favourited by both children and adults alike. The crop varies from year to year, depending on the weather conditions during flowering and the amount of insects pollinating the flowers. Bilberry grows wild in Nordic forests, where it prefers shady areas out of direct sunlight.

Sweet and healthy delicacy

Bilberry should not be mixed with highbush blueberry that is cultivated in more southern areas. Their nutritional values differ somewhat, with different growing habitats. Bilberry is smaller in size and has dark blue or purple flesh. Bilberry has high anthocyanin content that gives it its distinct colouring, at a level that is 3-5 higher than that in highbush blueberry. Bilberry is a good source of fibre and vitamin E, and naturally low in fat.

Bilberry tastes rather sweet, but it doesn’t actually contain much sugar. Instead, its sweetness is due to lack of acidity.

Polarica’s bilberries are picked from northern parts of Finland and Sweden, and they are processed and packed at our production facility in Haparanda, Sweden.



How to use bilberries?

Bilberries are the key ingredient in many traditional Nordic desserts and baked goods. Bilberry pies, muffins, crepes, jams, soups and juices are well known to all ever since childhood. Try bilberries with baked oatmeal or prepare a warm bilberry dressing to go with vanilla ice cream!