Vitamin bomb

ensures great energy levels!


(Ribes rubrum)

Blackcurrant grows both wild and cultivated in the Nordic countries, but is probably most familiar in home gardens. The taste of blackcurrant isn’t as tart as it’s cousin’s, redcurrant’s bitterness, but it ensures a brisk experience.

Fibre rich vitamin bomb

The blackcurrant is one of the most fibre rich berries that grow in the Nordic countries. It’s richer in vitamin E than bilberry, and it contains a great amount of vitamins C and K. Therefore, it’s quite a “vitamin bomb”! It’s also a great source of potassium. The dark colour of blackcurrant indicates that they’re full of anthocyanins.

The high level of Vitamin C in blackcurrant is better preserved in frozen berries than in its juice. Also the fibre richness of their skin can’t be benefitted in juice. Thus, it’s best to enjoy your blackcurrants as they are, with e.g. porridge, yogurt or smoothies!

Polarica’s organic blackcurrants are cultivated and packaged in our production facility in Poland.



How to use blackcurrants?

Traditionally blackcurrants have been made into juice or jam. As a jam or jelly it goes well with both sweet and savoury dishes. Try blackcurrants with refreshing morning smoothie together with Greek yogurt, oat brans and honey!