Nordic berry


(Rubus chamaemorus)

This golden yellow berry growing wild at the northern swamps has many names: cloudberry, nordic berry, or knotberry, as well as many local variations of the name. The berry has a distinctive tart taste, and it’s one of the most highly valued wild berries in Scandinavia.

Vitamin-rich Nordic delicacy

Cloudberry is rich in vitamin C, even 3-4 times more than an orange! It also includes vitamin E, actually more than most other fruits or grain. It has high consistency of dietary fiber and includes ellagic acid, a natural phenol antioxidant. Cloudberry has a variety of minerals and fatty acids that are good for your health. A northern super berry, that is!

The cloudberry harvest varies from year to year and is often a significant talking point every August amongst the cloudberry lovers. Frost during the blooming season can ruin cloudberr’s yield, thus making it very sensitive to the northern weather conditions. Typically, demand is greater than the yield of cloudberry.  

Cloudberry’s healthy qualities are quite well preserved with frozen berries. Melting should be done rather quickly, for example in microwave oven or hot water bath.

Polarica’s cloudberries are picked from northern parts of Finland and Sweden. The berried are processed and packaged in Haparanda, Sweden.



How to use cloudberries?

Cloudberries are great served as they are with e.g. porridge or yogurt, or a sweeter treat with ice cream, whipped cream or vanilla sauce. In Finland, cloudberries are traditionally served with leipäjuusto, a local baked cheese. Cloudberries are often made into juices, jams, marmalades and liqueurs. It also is well suited for baking and the crown of birthday cakes. Try cloudberry sorbet with vanilla panna cotta!