A brisk

Nordic super berry

(Vaccinium vitis-idaea)

Lingonberry yields the largest crop of all Nordic wild berries. It is also more reliable to supply yield than e.g. bilberry or cloudberry, because it flowers a few weeks later, when the northern weather conditions are usually warmer.

Delicious, yet healthy 

Lingonberry is very low in fat, and doesn’t contain any saturated fat (<0,1g/100g). It provides excellent nutrition to everyone who wants to eat lean. It is also a good source of fibre.

Lingonberry, growing wild in the northern forests, contains also vitamins C and E, as well as minerals.

Frozen lingonberries should be melted rather quickly or eaten frozen, to avoid losing too much of their nutritional values.

Polarica’s lingonberries are picked from northern parts of Finland and Sweden, and they are processed and packed at our production facility in Haparanda, Sweden.



How to use lingonberries?

The bitter tasting lingonberry goes well with both sweet and savoury dishes.  It’s bitter taste can be diluted by mixing it with e.g. apples. For sweeter dishes pair it with caramel dressing or super sweet meringue. Pureed lingonberries are traditionally used with different meat dishes. A sweeter traditional dish is whipped lingonberry porridge. Nordic people are used to enjoying their lingonberries as juice, jam, puree or just as they are – and they work great also in baking.

Try preparing ice cubes with lingonberries in them to bring colour to drinks on a hot summer day or a party!