orange super berry

Sea buckthorn

(Hippophaë rhamnoides)

This brightly orange coloured berry truly belongs amongst the superfood category.  Sea buckthorn is one of the most nutritious wild berries in Scandinavia. Just one decilitre of this berry contains the same amount of vitamin C than one orange. Sea buckthorn also includes plenty of vitamin E, dietary fibre and fatty acids that are good for you. The berry includes a lot of polyunsaturated fatty acids, and that’s why its quality juice doesn’t dissolve in water.

Sunny autumn berry

Sea buckthorn grows at stony seacoasts, in Scandinavia even at the northern most parts of the Gulf of Bothnia. It grows as a ½-4-meter-high, thorny bush with silver green coloured leaves. It requires a very sunny place, although otherwise it survives in rather ascetic surroundings.

The sea buckthorn berries ripe over a long period of time. It takes over four months from blooming period to ripe berries, which produces the high nutritious values. The berries are at their best to be picked right after first frost in October.

Polarica’s sea buckthorn are picked in Estonia and packed at our production facility in Poland.



How to use sea buckthorn?

Try it just as it is with porridge or yogurt, straight from the freezer. Sea buckthorn is also a great ingredient for juice and marmalade, and seasons game meat dishes. The bright orange colour and the berry’s distinctive flavour are great additions to festive menus.

Create a refreshing smoothie out of sea buckthorn together with banana, orange and yogurt or oat milk (or other plant-based milk or yogurt).