Summer vibes

from sweet strawberries around the year


(Fragaria ananassa)

Strawberry is primarily a cultivated plant, but its wild cousin, wild strawberry, can be found also from the Nordic countries. Strawberry is plant of the family Rosaceae. Its receptacle turns into the flesh of the berry after pollination, making the berry categorically an accessory fruit (also called a “false fruit”), and the actual fruits being the “seeds” on the outside of the berry.

Sweet, yet lean delicacy

Strawberry is a rich source of vitamin C. It has plenty of good flavonoids that function as antioxidants. The sugar concentration of strawberry is just 5-7%. It’s a rather lean delicacy, with approximately 85% of its weight being water, and 100 grams of strawberry including only 45 kcal of energy.

When frozen at consumer type freezers, the strawberry easily loses some of its flavour, because the berry takes some time to get completely frozen, and has time to use its own sugars during the freezing process. Polarica’s fast freezing process immediately after picking preserves strawberry’s deliciousness excellently.

Polarica’s organic strawberries are cultivated and packaged in our production facility in Poland.



How to use strawberries?

Strawberry sweetens porridges and smoothies easily without added sugar. Baked goods get nice summer vibes from strawberries. As jam and puree, strawberry is versatile for every day gourmet, and mixing it with rhubarb creates soups and juices that kids love. Strawberry is also a great addition to salads with different kinds of cheese, e.g. to accompany halloumi.

Try freezing strawberry smoothie in popsicle moulds or paper cups, with an ice cream stick placed upright in the middle. Add strawberry pieces before freezing to bring more structure. Freeze at least 6 hours and enjoy a charming summer treat – smoothie popsicles!