tasty nature experiences already from 1972

Healthy, pure berries and fruits from the freezers of your local store

We are on a mission to bring the flavours of nature to everyone’s table, with respect to our environments. As the world in getting ever more complex, food can still be simply good.

Polarica's story

Polarica’s journey from Pello to a global company has been interesting and eventful. The company has been a forerunner from the very beginning, by further developing the berry and game meat businesses. Polarica has been the first one in everything: It has imported, produced, refined, sold and distributed food products to restaurants, consumers and industries in a new way.

We have created tasteful experiences already from year 1972.



The company was established in Pello under the name Norrfrys. From the beginning, Polarica’s core competence has been wild food: berries, mushrooms, reindeer and game meat.


Our offering was strengthened with cultivated berries as we procured a production facility in the heart of Poland’s strawberry district. The facility is situated in Northwestern Poland, where we cultivate strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants.


The company name was changed to Polarica, and at the same time ownership of the company was expanded also to external partners.


Finnish equity investor Intera Partners procured majority holding of Polarica, and Hartwall Capital took hold of minority partnership.  


Polarica acquired its Finnish competitor, Lapin Liha, the Finnish wild food market leader, that was established by Jukka Kristo in 1989.


ISO 26000 audit. Polarica has been the forerunner is corporate social responsibility in the berry business. Polarica is the only operator in its business area that has had an external party auditing its business practises.


Polarica’s berry and meat divisions are diverged to their own companies.


Meat division is rebranded under the Wildea brand. Berry business continues operations under Polarica brand.


Polarica returns back to its roots as a family owned company in December 2019. Polarica AB shares (Berry business) and Wildea Oy shares (Game business) including all group companies were sold to an investor group led by Jukka Kristo as the main shareholder. The other operative investors are Tommy Innala and Mari Onkamo. In addition, High Point Oy/Deep Point Oy act as an investor with no operative role.

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