Polarica and Lapin Liha to return to their roots as family owned company 

Ca. 50 years’ strong experience of berry and game business carries to the next decade.

Polarica Group has changed ownership on Friday 20th December 2019. Polarica AB shares (Berry business) and Wildea Oy shares (Game business) including all group companies have been sold to an investor group led by Jukka Kristo as the main shareholder. The other operative investors are Tommy Innala and Mari Onkamo. In addition, High Point Oy/Deep Point Oy act as an investor with no operative role.

Jukka Kristo will continue as the CEO of Berry Group, Mari Onkamo will continue as the CEO of Game Group and CFO of both Berry Group and Game Group. Tommy Innala will support and coach both businesses going forward.


New shareholder structure

Polarica Group will not continue in its current form. The investor group will have direct ownership of both Polarica AB and Wildea Oy with identical shareholder structure.

With this change in ownership Polarica will return back to its roots as a family owned company! Polarica’s history is based on strong entrepreneurship: company was founded in 1972 by Allan Lehto, Armas Kristo and Erik Innala. Polarica Group has enlarged during the years to a powerful international operator in both berry and game business. Operations in Poland were established in 1989, sourcing has enlarged from Nordic raw material purchases to utilization of global sourcing channels in addition to European countries e.g. South America, New Zealand and Siberia have become part of our sourcing countries.

Lapin Liha was established in 1989 by Jukka and Armas Kristo. Private Equity investor Intera Partners became the majority shareholder by acquiring Polarica in 2010 and a bit later Lapin Liha in 2011.

As part of the change of ownership the following changes will be done in Game business:

-  Name of Wildea Oy will be changed to Lapin Liha Oy

-  Wildea brand will be disabled

-  Lapin Liha brand will be used for Retail Finland going forward, and Polarica for Horeca Finland

-  Polarica brand will be used on the Swedish market for both Retail and Horeca


Going forward

We strongly believe in natural products, both berries and game. It is great to be able to develop our business and bring our unique products to quality-conscious, responsible consumers, both in our home market (Finland and Sweden) and in the global market. Our ambition is to create something new and unique for both businesses, together with our customers.

We also want to continue the nearly fifty years of good cooperation with reindeer owners and to be involved in increasing the awareness of game meat.


With best regards,

Jukka Kristo
Tel. +358 400 69 1611

Tommy Innala
Tel. +46 70 624 70 82

Mari Onkamo
Tel. +358 50 358 6054