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(Rubus idaeus)

Raspberry grows as a prickly bush, both in home gardens and wild in the banks of streams, edges of forests and roads, enjoying especially warm sunny places. The berry is an aggregate drupe, with approximately 100 small drupes in one “berry”. It is sweet and fragrant, with a sophisticated taste.

High-fibre, vitamin-rich berry

Raspberry is one of the most fibre-rich berries in our assortment. It has dietary fibre of 7,7 g/100 g. It is a good source of vitamins C and E. Raspberry should not be processed too much not to lose its nutritional values. Freezing the berry preserves the nutritional values well.

Polarica’s organic strawberries are cultivated and packaged in our production facility in Poland. We also import raspberries from Serbia and Chile. Finnish Food Authority recommends boiling imported berries for at least two minutes before consuming them.



How to use raspberries?

This aromatic berry is often made into jams, marmalades and juice. It suits well also for baked goods. Raspberry is an excellent fit with chocolate cakes but goes equally well in pastries. Raspberry is loved all around the world, and it’s traditionally made also into syrup, wine, liqueur, vinaigrette and many other delicious food products.

Raspberry is easy to mix with other berries. For example in Scandinavia, raspberry-bilberry jam is traditionally called Queen’s jam. Crown your mudcake with raspberries, bilberries and whipped cream to create a trendy delicacy for parties!