Polarica in English

Polarica is a leading wild food company in Europe, with its roots in Lapland and the Nordic wilderness. Polarica offers a wide range of inspiring high quality food from natural game meat. A delicious source of protein with low fat and unique taste.

Polarica - a climate smart alternative 

There is a rapidly growing urge among people today to think and live climate smart. Many think that they have to skip meat to live climate smart, but they don’t know that game meat has a low impact on nature.

We are offering a very welcomed alternative since 1972 – game meat. You can have an exciting meal experience while feeling good. Enjoy your time with friends and family, having a delicious, healthy meal from natural game meat.

We want to inspire people to cook, try new tastes and enjoy wild meat.

Safe, high-quality products 

Our production adheres the highest standards and safety regulations to guarantee a high and consistent product quality. The final products are X-rayed to identify any foreign objects and materials that don’t belong there. Our ambition is to provide you with the best possible quality and safe products.

Our operations are certified according to the ISO 9001 Quality management system certification, ISO14001 Environmental management system certification, and FSSC 22000 Food safety system certification, by Bureau Veritas.

Sustainable & innovative

We want to provide our customers innovative, delightful and high quality products – delicacies that everyone is craving for.

Our main raw materials – reindeer, elk and venison – are mainly free-ranging, feeding on natural resources and responsibly raised. Therefore, our products are sustainable and an outstanding alternative to traditional meat products. They provide a tasty and low fat meal experience.