From Farm to Factory: Tracing the Journey of Mangoes in Our Supply Chain

From Farm to Factory: Tracing the Journey of Mangoes in Our Supply Chain - featured image
Published: 12.04.2024

At Polarica, we pride ourselves on sourcing the best mangoes from various places, ensuring that each fruit arrives at your table in the best possible condition. The journey of Polarica's mangoes — from cultivation to consumption — is detailed below.

Polarica Mango Process_web
Polarica ensures that the journey of mangoes from the farms to the consumers undergoes a meticulous and high-quality process.

Sourcing and Processing is the First Step

Peru and Vietnam are the countries we visit in our search for the best mangoes. Sourcing different varieties from several regions enables us to offer our customers a wide selection of high-quality mango products.

Mango protection
Mangos on a farm in Vietnam are shielded from the scorching sun, aiding in their growth and protecting them from excessive heat.

The fruits are harvested during the season at optimal point of their maturity. The mangoes undergo a thorough preparation process: they are washed, peeled, diced, and immediately frozen using Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) technology in their country of origin.

This freezing method preserves mangoes at their full ripeness so that they retain their flavor and texture until they reach our customers' tables.

Transportation and Packaging to Ensure Ripeness

The frozen mangoes are shipped to our production facility in Poland under controlled conditions. Upon arrival, they are inspected to uphold our stringent quality standards.

After processing, the mango products are packed into appropriate boxes and bags and stored in our warehouse, ready for delivery.

Focus on Quality Control & Sustainability

Throughout the production process, ensuring the safety and quality of the products is our first priority. Each batch of mango products is tested in our laboratories to make sure that they meet our exacting standards for taste, texture, and hygiene.


Mangon poiminta
The mangoes are always handpicked, precisely when they are perfectly ripe and juicy.

With every mango product that bears the Polarica name, customers can trust that they are enjoying nothing but the best.

Furthermore, we uphold our pledge to social responsibility by constantly evaluating and improving our labour standards. We also have an open dialog concerning the fair treatment of all workers involved in the mango supply chain.

Polarica's juicy and nutritious mangoes thrive under the tropical sun in Asia and South America.

From farm to factory, Polarica is committed to providing great mango products while preserving human rights, fostering fair labour standards, and reducing environmental impact. We hope to create a brighter, fairer future for mango production by forging collaborations with ethical suppliers and embracing sustainable practices.

Anna Dzięgiel
Purchase Manager