Consumer products

Consumer products

Polarica offers a wide range of private label products to retailers. Our private label product line includes a large variety of frozen fruits and berries. We also provide products to retailers under our own Polarica brand. 

Products of our retail brand Kaskein are currently available in several retail chains throughout Finland, and we have recently initiated their export to Sweden. Additionally, you can find our Polarica-branded products in retail stores across Sweden, while our private label products are available in select locations throughout other European countries.

Our goal is to lead our industry by always being one step ahead and adapting our products to evolving consumer demands.  We, therefore, acknowledge that consumers increasingly value the health and safety of products in their purchasing decisions. Moreover, we are always committed to delivering healthy, pure, and safe products, and wish to retain our reputation as a trusted supplier.

We take pride in our incredibly reliable logistics, a quality that is highly valued by our retail partners. Our dedication to upholding exceptional safety and quality standards for our products is demonstrated by our focus on traceability throughout the international supply chain.

– Arctic by nature

Our retail brand Kaskein celebrates fine Nordic
ingredients and offers a wide selection of premium drinks and berry powders.

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