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Description of file and privacy policy

This is the Polarica Group’s description of file and privacy policy as per the Personal Data Act (Sections 10 and 24) and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Issued on 21 May 2018.

Polarica Oy, Ahjotie 9, 96100 Rovaniemi, Finland
Polarica Marjahankinta Oy, Ahjotie 9, 96100 Rovaniemi, Finland
Polarica Marja Oy, Ahjotie 9, 96100 Rovaniemi, Finland
Polarica AB, Järnvägsgatan 35, 95337 Haparanda
Polarica Skogsbärsinköps AB, P.O. Box 208, 92124 Lycksele
Polarica Vilt AB, Järnvägsgatan 35, 95337 Haparanda
Polarica Holding AB, Järnvägsgatan 35, 95337 Haparanda

Contact person responsible for the data file
Åsa Waara,, tel. +46 (0) 922 292 11
Tarja Vartiala,, tel. +358 (0) 40 133 55 31

Data file on web service users and co-operative partners
This description explains what data is collected on Polarica’s co-operative partners, their contact persons and users of Polarica’s website, and how the data is used.

Data content of the file, recording and use of data
Information recorded in the data file includes: an individual’s name, position, company/organisation, contact information (telephone number, e-mail address, postal address). The information recorded in the data file is received from the individual, for example, in messages sent through forms on the website, by e-mail, by phone, through social media services, in contracts, meetings and other situations where the individual discloses their information.
The information recorded through forms with the consent of the visitor to the website (name and contact information) is only used to communicate with the sender. Polarica will never disclose the data it has collected to third parties, unless so demanded by Finnish authorities.
The personal data is processed for the purpose of communications and the maintenance of business relationships.

Principles of data file protection
Data file processing is done with care, and any data processed using information systems are protected appropriately. The controller ensures that the recorded data is processed confidentially and only by those employees who are authorised to do so by virtue of their job description.

Right of access, erasure and right to refuse
Every person that has provided their information has the right to review the data concerning them and to demand the rectification of potentially erroneous information or completion of incomplete information. If an individual wishes to review the data concerning them or demand rectification, the request must be sent, in writing, to Polarica. If required, Polarica may ask the requester to provide proof of their identity. Polarica will respond to the customer within the timeframe set in the GDPR (generally within one month).
The data can be erased by an individual’s demand or at the end of a business relationship.
An individual has the right to refuse the disclosure and processing of their data for direct marketing and other marketing.

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