Polarica: Leading Positive Change in the Berry Industry

Polarica: Leading Positive Change in the Berry Industry - featured image
Published: 23.02.2024

Polarica Berry Group, the premier Nordic berry company, released its first sustainability report in June 2023. This significant step was aimed at communicating the company’s sustainability efforts to a broader group of stakeholders. The sustainability report marks the beginning of a much longer journey, as Polarica aspires to take the lead in driving positive change within the berry industry.

Driving Sustainability: Assessing Progress and Impact

Taking on a leadership role in driving change demands ambitious sustainability goals and a critical examination of established industry norms.

Polarica began by evaluating its current sustainability practices, aiming to better understand the environmental and social impacts of its operations. During the years 2022–2023, Polarica undertook the following key measures to assess its current sustainability status:

  • Conducted a detailed emissions calculation in 2022,
  • Completed a comprehensive human rights assessment,
  • Introduced various feedback channels for berry pickers,
  • Published a sustainability report adhering to the GRI standards,
  • Conducted a stakeholder survey to supplement the sustainability report.


Setting Ambitious Goals: Polarica’s Sustainability Program

Understanding its operational impact is just the first step for Polarica. In spring 2023, the company unveiled a comprehensive sustainability program aimed at elevating its sustainability practices. This program sets forth clear goals and KPIs focused on:

  • Minimizing environmental impacts
  • Enhancing supply chain transparency
  • Promoting transparent business practices
  • Advancing social responsibility

Polarica's sustainability program, with goals extending until 2026, is now formally underway. To ensure progress, each program theme has designated workgroups responsible for regularly updating the CEO on advancements in their respective areas – Environment, People, Sales & Marketing. The CEO oversees the overall implementation and progress of the sustainability program.

Polarica’s Climate Partnership with Havulatva

Central to Polarica's climate strategy is the accurate calculation of its carbon footprint and targeted efforts to reduce emissions. Complementing these internal measures, Polarica has embarked on a climate-positive partnership with the Finnish carbon sequestration provider Havulatva Oy to increase soil fertility and biodiversity.

With extensive operations in Finland, Polarica is particularly invested in supporting carbon sequestration in Finnish forests.

Polarica is dedicated to continuously enhancing its sustainability practices. By achieving its set KPIs, the company aims to foster significant positive change within the berry industry