Polarica Partners with Havulatva Oy to Combat Climate Change

Polarica Partners with Havulatva Oy to Combat Climate Change - featured image
Published: 16.05.2024

Combating climate change requires stronger climate actions both in Finland and globally. Because calculating carbon footprint and reducing emissions is not enough, Polarica is undertaking voluntary climate actions aimed at accelerating the attainment of carbon neutrality.

Polarica has teamed up with Havulatva Oy, a climate change solutions provider. Polarica is investing in Finnish forest-based climate units managed by Havulatva's carbon sequestration system. Havulatva is amongst the first companies to have obtained the ISO 14064-2:2029 certification in Finland.

Improving Forests’ Nutrient Economy

C60A8867To date, Polarica has redeemed 2520 tons of CO₂e of Finnish forest-based climate units. One climate unit is equivalent to one ton of CO₂e and represents a mitigation outcome achieved in a carbon sequestration project.

The carbon sequestration service focuses on improving the nutrient economy of Finnish forests. It is one of the most efficient methods to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Improved nutrient economy accelerates forest growth, leading to up to 50% more carbon sequestration compared to traditional methods.

Recalculations of Emissions

For reference, calculated in spring 2022, Polarica’s total carbon footprint for the year 2021 was 31,702 tons of CO₂e. The calculations were originally carried out in collaboration with Lumme Energia and CO2Esto, following the GHG Protocol. Subsequently, the calculations were adjusted according to recommendations from Polarica’s partner, ThirdRock.

We care about the impact we have on the people and the environment. Polarica’s business relies on the Nordic forests and their diverse ecosystems, hence it is important for Polarica to contribute to the increase in growth of forests and their carbon sequestration capacity.