Polarica's Collective Drive for Sustainability Excellence

Polarica's Collective Drive for Sustainability Excellence - featured image
Published: 23.02.2024

Polarica is proud to introduce our latest sustainability program, designed to minimize environmental impacts, enhance supply chain transparency, promote transparent business practices, and advance social responsibility.

The successful implementation of this program relies on effective management of internal sustainability projects, ensuring alignment with best practices, and staying abreast of evolving ESG standards. This necessitates close collaboration with executive leadership and active engagement with all departments to execute goals within the sustainability program. Hence, I am enthusiastic about taking on a coordination role and collaborating with the entire Polarica team to ensure the successful implementation of the program.

Setting the Standard in the Berry Industry

Our objective is to establish benchmarks for best practices, positioning Polarica as a forerunner in the berry industry. My enthusiasm for this role is driven by the recognition that sustainability permeates every aspect of our company's operations, exerting a tangible impact on both external and internal stakeholders.

The unwavering commitment from the company's owners, management, and the entire team not only fuels our motivation to tackle collective challenges but also instills a profound sense of purpose.

Key achievements in our sustainability initiatives to date include:

  • Pledge to become the world’s first carbon-neutral wild berry company by 2035.
  • Commitment to the Science-Based Targets initiative, with the establishment of both near and long-term targets, aiming for net-zero emissions by 2035.
  • Comprehensive human rights assessment conducted in 2023, leading to the establishment of a human rights policy.
  • Development and implementation of the Polarica Supplier Code of Conduct.
  • Formation of new cross-functional working groups dedicated to achieving our sustainability goals.
  • Reduction of environmental footprint through plastic reduction, package optimization, and energy savings.
  • Initiation of the implementation process for the ISO14001 environmental standard.

Sustainable Horizons

In the upcoming year, our primary focus will center on the continual implementation of our sustainability program. Moreover, we are committed to providing a thorough overview of the entire value chain and strengthening collaboration with suppliers to ensure transparency, uphold human rights, and mitigate risks.

Evidently, our ultimate goal is to set the standard for sustainability best practices in the berry industry.