Polarica's New Innovative Berry and Fruit Products

Polarica's New Innovative Berry and Fruit Products - featured image
Published: 14.05.2024

At Polarica Berry Group, innovation is our driving force. With a vision to pioneer new berry and fruit products, we are expanding our range while offering our clients healthy and tasty alternatives. We are also dedicated to strengthening our footprint in the Nordics, Baltic states, and Poland, with plans for further expansion across Europe and Asia.

As a reliable supplier of wild berries and fruit-based products in the Nordic region, we take pride in delivering quality directly to our clients while also satisfying the special needs of our valued B2B partners.

Our commitment to innovation extends beyond just creating new items; we are developing entirely new product categories to enhance our consumers' lives.

Coming Soon – New Products to Make Baking and Cooking at Home Easier

In recent months, we've been hard at work perfecting our latest products with the aim of making the consumers’ everyday lives healthier, easier, and tastier.

Uudet tuotteet_mockup

We created a variety of new delights by focusing on reducing sugar, eliminating additives, and increasing fruit content. Among these are Summertime Blues (forest berries) and Hello Yellow (sunny fruits), soon to be released to the Nordic market. These innovative fruit and berry products represent a new generation of culinary delights. We will also release our new milk-free, fibre-rich snacks, Purple Kisses (berries) and Yellow Sun (fruits). Some of our products will include simple "homemade" recipes, guaranteeing that our customers can experience convenience without sacrificing flavour or quality.

Yet, our commitment to innovation does not end there. Polarica cares deeply about creating a positive change in the berry sector. Through visionary leadership in sustainability, technology, and customer-centricity, we pledge ourselves to produce sustainable berry and fruit products that foster healthy lifestyles.

People Love It – Greetings from Food Fairs

On several fairs this spring, our new products have received overwhelmingly favourable feedback, with customers applauding their taste, consistency, and health benefits. We are thrilled to share these discoveries with the rest of the world, as we continue to push the frontiers of what is possible in the berry and fruit business.

Behind every successful venture lies a diligent planning process. Our concept planning considers market trends, customer input, and emerging technologies to ensure that we are always ahead of the curve.

This unrelenting commitment to innovation and excellence distinguishes us and propels us forward in our mission to transform the berry and fruit sector for future generations.

Pekka Koivisto
Polarica’s NPD, Sales & Marketing Director