Ongoing sustainability initiatives aligned with strategy

Ongoing sustainability initiatives aligned with strategy - featured image
Published: 30.06.2023

The Polarica Berry Group is strengthening its commitment to sustainability launching a comprehensive project that aligns with its strategic goals.

The updated strategy, which will be finalized in early 2022, includes key actions such as increasing supply chain transparency, strengthening social responsibility, and pursuing carbon neutrality by 2030.

The focus in spring 2023 will be on identifying relevant sustainability themes for the company's business operations. Clear objectives for the 2022-2026 strategy period will be established, accompanied by the development of a detailed action plan to drive progress in various areas.

The sustainability project encompasses social, environmental, and economic responsibility. It began with a human rights assessment at the start of the year and is scheduled to end in May-June.

Polarica CEO, Mari Onkamo, is personally leading the sustainability project. Regular updates regarding our sustainability endeavors will be communicated through our website.