Polarica announces publication of human rights policy

Polarica announces publication of human rights policy - featured image
Published: 04.03.2023

Polarica Berry Group is firmly committed to upholding human rights, including labor rights, throughout its entire business operations and value chain. This commitment is underscored by the recent approval of our comprehensive human rights policy by the company's board on March 3, 2023. This policy serves to define and reinforce our ongoing efforts to promote and safeguard human rights, extending to all facets of our organization. In order to gain deeper insights, in late 2022, we conducted a thorough human rights impact assessment (HRIA) with the guidance of an external expert. Through this assessment, we identified the key stakeholders affected by our operations, encompassing our employees, individuals within our supply chain, end-users of our products, and local communities. Additionally, we identified specific human rights areas that warrant greater attention within our operations.

The biggest challenge in our supply chain is sourcing raw materials and the recruitment of seasonal berry pickers. To effectively manage these risks, we employ a range of robust auditing measures.

We strive to mitigate any potential negative human rights impacts in our sourcing activities by constantly refining our processes. Our utmost priority is to ensure that our procurement practices are free from forced labor, illegal child labor, and all forms of human trafficking.

Furthermore, we place great emphasis on enhancing our proficiency in human rights responsibility and actively working towards the realization of human rights within our organization.