Polarica Forecasts Diverse Berry Harvests in Nordic and Poland

Polarica Forecasts Diverse Berry Harvests in Nordic and Poland - featured image
Published: 30.06.2023

Based on our recent reviews berry harvest is anticipated to be unpredictable in the Nordic and Polish regions this season.

The Nordic Harvest Report reveals regional differences in bilberry blossoming. While some areas in Southern Finland bloomed early, others in the North and Northeast experienced a slight delay due to the rapid onset of spring followed by cold weather. Frosty nights have an effect on crops, and the outcome will be determined in the coming weeks.

The Poland Harvest Report outlines challenges for the upcoming berry season due to frosty nights, temperature fluctuations, and severe drought. Losses on plantations range from 30% to 40% for each berry type, with significant impacts on strawberries, red and black currents, and rhubarb. Labor availability for harvesting wild blueberries is also a concern.

Polarica is actively addressing these challenges to ensure the supply of high-quality berry products to our customers. We will continue to monitor the situation and work with growers and partners to navigate potential impacts.

More information on harvests in Finland, please visit the Natural Resources Institute Finland: https://www.luke.fi/fi/seurannat/luonnonmarjojen-satoseurannat-ja-ennusteet