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Unleash Natural Flavors!

Introducing our NFC (Not-From-Concentrate) juice collection, where the true essence and nourishment of fruits and vegetables are captured. As a trusted supplier of Not From Concentrate juices, we prioritize delivering fresh, authentic flavors while preserving essential vitamins and minerals through gentle processing techniques.

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Our commitment to minimal processing ensures that Not From Concentrate juices offer a perfect balance of nutrition and delectable taste, making them an ideal choice for food, dairy and beverage manufacturers. Their pleasing sweetness and acidity add a delightful mouthfeel to various applications, from smoothies, drinks and soups to drinkable dairy products.

From immune-boosting blends to refreshing smoothies, products featuring Not From Concentrate juices are captivating consumers worldwide. These premium ingredients offer a harmonious blend of delectable flavors and the coveted health benefits, unlocking endless possibilities for innovation in the food and beverage industry.

As a premium Not From Concentrate juice supplier, we prioritize quality and social responsibility. We value our berry pickers and maintain strong partnerships with farmers, supporting sustainable agriculture practices and fostering mutually beneficial relationships.

Each juice-based product is unique, and so is our production process. Drawing on long expertise in sourcing, processing, and formulation, we provide tailored solutions that perfectly match your product requirements, using a variety of berries such as blueberries, lingonberries, cranberries, cloudberries, and currants.

Whether you seek the tangy notes of cranberries, the rich flavors of blueberries, or the unique taste of lingonberries, our NFC juice range offers the ideal not from concentrate solution.

Our NFC juices are delivered in 200-kilogram barrels.

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Available flavours:


– Arctic by nature

Our retail brand Kaskein celebrates fine Nordic
ingredients and offers a wide selection of premium drinks and berry powders.

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