Polarica Berries Quality Policy

We are concerned for our Customers, so the area encompassed by our quality system includes such an early stage as plantation, even before fruit appears. Yearly meetings with our Suppliers aim at making them aware of changing needs and expectations of our Customers, which entails the creation of special plantation protection programmes adjusted to individual needs. 

The produced goods are made of specially selected fruit and are free of any additives and preservatives. On account of the completely natural way of obtaining and very high production and hygiene standards, our products are totally safe for people and can be eaten by all the groups of consumers.

The system of marking raw materials, semi-finished goods and finished goods has been elaborated to the smallest detail to assure the perfect identification for the goods produced.

A highly advanced technology and many-year experience allow us to successfully achieve ambitious goals related to quality.

A team of our highly qualified specialists continuously has cared for the quality and safety of produced goods. Precisely selected training enables us to continuously develop and use modern solutions in daily work. The complete dedication of quality control employees allows us to foresee and solve most problems even before they appear. Each stage of looking for, processing and storage of goods was subject to a profound analysis and potential threats have been limited to the minimum.

All the goods that we produce are subject to the constant control of the plant laboratory and external control of renowned accredited laboratories.

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